Concrete & Gravel Driveways in Chichester & the Sussex & Surrey Area

If you’re searching options for new concrete or gravel driveways in the Sussex and Surrey area, look no further than J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd. Our CSCS-certified team share more than a century of trade experience, so you can be sure that they have the expertise to meet the needs of any domestic or commercial client. From the groundworks up, our results never fail to impress. Due to the premium quality of our installations, we undertake work as driveway contractors across the South East, including locations in Chichester, Horsham, Haslemere, Dorking and Guildford.

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Our complete concrete and gravel services include:


  • Installation of Concrete Driveways
  • Installation of Gravel Driveways
  • Any Kind of Concrete Paving
  • Concrete Casting & Laying
  • Laying of Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Garage Construction


To view examples of the projects we have completed as road and driveway contractors in Chichester, Horsham and the surrounding areas, please visit the previous work page.


We offer free estimates on all of our work in Chichester, Horsham, Haslemere, Dorking, Guildford and the neighbouring areas. If you’d like to arrange for a consultation regarding concrete or gravel driveways, or any of the listed services, please call 01798 865511.

Concrete & Gravel Driveways | The Installation Process


In our position as vastly-experienced driveway contractors, we have installed countless concrete and gravel driveways since our inception as a company in 1992. Starting with the necessary groundworks, we work through a time-served process that we know produces outstanding, long-lasting results.


When it comes to concrete driveways in Chichester, Horsham and the neighbouring areas, we adhere to the following process:


  1. Excavation – Starting with reliable groundworks, our driveway contractors dig to a depth of 200mm before laying and compacting 100mm of type 1 sub-base.
  2. Drainage – In accordance with the relevant fall, we install drainage and shuttering to ensure that standing water doesn’t become an issue.
  3. Concrete Laying – The wet concrete is laid and levelled to a depth of 100mm. Once screeded, the surface is hand-trowelled to produce a smooth, professional finish.
  4. Expansion Joints – When the driveway has dried, we clean it with a pressure washer before manually cutting in expansion joints to prevent cracking.
  5. Sealing – After leaving the driveway to dry completely, we apply an acrylic sealant for optimal protection.
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Our team of driveway contractors installs gravel driveways in Chichester, Horsham and across the South East using the following procedure:


  1. Excavation – After clearing the site, we undertake groundworks that include excavation to an approximate depth of 230mm.
  2. Sub-Base – We then install 150mm of MOT type 3 sub-base. Type 3 sub-base has permeable qualities that help prevent flooding while maintaining full compliance with the 2008 SUDS Regulations. Edging options such as granite setts or brickwork are also laid at this point to help prevent gravel migration.
  3. Course Installation – Our team then lays a weed membrane before applying 20mm of sharp sand. This is levelled and compacted through the use of a vibrating plate compactor.
  4. Cellular Grid – As experienced driveway contractors, we recognise the importance of this feature. A 40mm grid can withstand a maximum of 120 tonnes of material per square metre, so it provides the perfect stabilisation for gravel driveways.
  5. Laying Gravel – For the finishing touch, we spread the chosen gravel to a depth of approximately 20mm.


We ensure that every step of our concrete and gravel driveways meet our own demanding quality and safety standards. Whether it’s the groundworks or the final clean-up, we apply nothing less than complete professionalism throughout.


For the ultimate peace of mind, we work in Chichester, Horsham, Haslemere, Dorking, Guildford and across Sussex and Surrey with public liability and employer’s liability insurance coverage.

If you’re interested in concrete or gravel driveways in Sussex and Surrey, speak to one of our driveway contractors on 01798 865511.

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image of two workmen
image of a picturesque gravel driveway
image of two workmen
image of a picturesque gravel driveway