Gravel Driveways in Steyning | Key Signs It’s Time for a New Driveway

When it comes time to improve your Steyning home, it’s easy to forget the importance of an effective driveway. In many cases, the visual style of the interior is given greater importance than its exterior, but this does your property a disservice overall. An efficient driveway provides your property with excellent visual appeal, can reduce on tripping accidents and can help to maintain your vehicle with a strong, level surface. Skilled in surface dressing, tarmac driveways and a wide variety of groundworks, our driveway contractors perform a professional service for clients in the Steyning area.


When it comes to concrete, tarmac or gravel driveways, few companies in the local Steyning area can compete with J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd. Our talented driveway contractors offer to guide clients throughout the process and maintain a safe, trustworthy service for your complete satisfaction.


Below we discuss the various signs that it’s time to contact a professional team.


Cracks and Potholes


Your vehicle’s tyres and suspension system could suffer as a result of cracks and potholes, leading to costly repair bills that could have easily been avoided. When caught early, these cracks can be patched and repaired, but there are occasions when new tarmac or gravel driveways are a necessity. Resurfacing your driveway is a great solution that prevents potholes from returning, enabling you to enjoy a rejuvenated space of exceptional quality.


As a reliable team of groundworks, surface dressing and driveway contractors, we install gravel, concrete and tarmac driveways for clients throughout Steyning – reducing the chances of a trip or fall in the process.


Pooling Water


If your driveway is uneven or suffers from poor drainage, then you may discover pooling water after severe weather. Although water alone is rarely enough to damage a driveway, it can be indicative of a larger issue and result in the aforementioned cracks and potholes over time. Should the water freeze in low temperatures, then it may expand the cracks and create a slipping hazard as a result.


Although there are numerous solutions available to clients in the Steyning area, long-term pooling water can lead to a complete overhaul if enough damage has occurred. With experience in groundworks, surface dressing and more, we install gravel or tarmac driveways for clients who have experienced this very issue.


An Unsightly Appearance


It may be that your old driveway is looking faded, crumbled or simply out of date. Through years of everyday use, hard rain and exposure to UV rays, a driveway will inevitably begin to lose its aesthetic appeal. Our groundworks and driveway contractors build concrete, gravel and tarmac driveways that homeowners can be proud to call their own, delivering unrivalled workmanship with the relevant guarantees.


With a talent for gravel driveways, surface dressing, concrete paving and more, we supply firm, durable surfaces throughout Steyning and the surrounding areas.

To discuss tarmac, concrete or gravel driveways in the Steyning area, please contact our trusted driveway contractors on 01798 865511.

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