Surface Dressing in Chichester, Horsham, Guildford & Across the South East

Here at J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd, we provide a specialist surface dressing service for clients in Sussex, Surrey and across the South East. Since our inception in 1992, our team has provided this essential, cost-effective road maintenance service to help local authorities in the region meet their budgets while fulfilling their obligations. Whether in Chichester, Horsham, Haslemere, Dorking, Guildford or any of the surrounding areas, we tailor our surface dressing options to suit the needs of the job at hand.


Our comprehensive service includes sweeping, trimming edges and patching potholes or, alternatively, surface dressing or macadam surfacing on areas prepared by others. While we offer a 12-month guarantee on surface dressing, this is only if we have prepared the surface before being laid.

image of a large gravel area

As a vastly-experienced surface dressing specialist, J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd offers a wide range of stone chippings including:


  • Brown Gravel
  • White Gravel
  • Buff Gravel
  • Grey Limestone
  • Grey Granite
  • Pink Granite Basalt
  • Dark Grey Basalt
  • Red Quartzite


For more information regarding your own surface dressing project in Chichester, Horsham, Haslemere, Dorking, Guildford or the surrounding areas, or to request samples of the listed stone chippings, please contact us.

Surface Dressing | What to Expect


When it comes to road maintenance, surface dressing offers incredible results at a cost-effective price. Often known as “tar and chipping”, the binder we use for surface dressing jobs in Chichester, Horsham and across the South East is a polymer-modified version of K1-70 known as Surfix 80. This hot bitumen emulsion has increased adhesive capabilities and cohesive qualities that yield outstanding results, as well as proving less susceptible to fluctuations in temperature.


Not only does this service restore skid-resistance, it also seals the surface of the road to prevent water ingress and frost heave. Our clients work to strict budgets, so we recognise the importance they place on getting the best value for money from their chosen services.


The surface dressing provided by J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd helps to increase road resilience for years to come while also stretching the life of the investment by reducing future maintenance and repair costs.

image of a gravel laiden area

How is Surface Dressing Applied?


The surface dressing we undertake in Chichester, Horsham and the wider Sussex and Surrey areas follows these steps:


  • After preparing the road surface to our own required standards, we spray on a layer of hot liquid bitumen (or binder)
  • Immediately after, we add loose chippings (6mm or 10mm single-size materials) to the layer of bitumen, ensuring even and complete coverage
  • With the use of a power roller, we roll the chippings in order to embed them into the bitumen, creating the strongest possible road surface


By establishing the hardness of the road in Chichester, Horsham or the neighbouring areas, as well as calculating the traffic demands placed upon it, we design a complete package that includes determining the appropriate rate of bitumen spread as well as the correct size of chippings.


What About Loose Chippings?


Any surplus chippings remaining after the installation process in Chichester, Horsham or across the South East can be easily swept away, leaving behind a mosaic of stone embedded into the layer of bitumen.


In order to carry out surface dressing to our own superior standards, we have recently purchased new and improved machinery, including a bitumen tanker with the latest variable-width spray bar.


This allows our team to cover areas up to 4 metres wide. In addition, this spray bar is adjustable on the move, making our operations more flexible, more efficient and more economical than most of our competitors.


With J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd, the end result will always be a premium quality road with outstanding durability.

To discuss our services as surface dressing specialists in Chichester, Horsham, Haslemere, Dorking, Guildford and across the Sussex and Surrey area, call 01798 865511.

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image of a large gravel area
image of a gravel laiden area
image of a large gravel area
image of a gravel laiden area